Westernohe, Germany – Summer Camp 2019

Date: 26th Sep 2019 Author: Carl Reeder

MC Reese’s puffs & Lil Spence camping 24/7 all night lads.

Camp salute
camp at ease
this camp has been a breeze.

OK lets go with the start,

left the scout hut by quarter past seven
Got on the boat and slept around Eleven
Early in the morning we got out of bed
And in my opinion, my eyes felt like lead.

Then we were on the bus for 6 annoying hours.
I needed a pee, which was a big oof for me
A wasp came in and I thought it was a bee
Sienna started calling everyone a G.

Finally we got to our campsite
Set up the tents before we lost the light.
Pull up the flag neatly
And don’t let it get stuck
Do it quickly.

We had fun with the activities
And the foreign festivities
Eating the food
Put me in in a good mood

Sitting around the campfire
On a big bench
Foreigners all around
Especially the French.

The Germans were loud
The Israelis were proud
And we were trying to fit in the crowd.
Having a good time around
Just listening to the campfires crackling sound.

Now we are on the ferry and almost home
But I won’t forget my time at Westernohe.

Shout out to Ellie’s hat
Shout out to Mike’s rice pudding
Shout out to the canoeing trio aka the Sparks
Shout out to all the leaders and parents who came and helped
Especially Carl aka Reader Leader
Shout out to Carwyn’s chin.

Now if you don’t mind
I’m gonna put this in the bin.

More pictures

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls