Summer Camp 2014 - Woodhouse Park

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We left Ipswich at 8:00am and travelled to Bristol. After 5 ½ hours we had reached Woodhouse Park set up camp and began cooking spaghetti bolognaise.


We stayed on Camp all day and did the following bases; sundial, tree identification, route planning and camp gadgets as well as all aboard and leap of faith as activities. In the evening we joined the sites campfire and sang “I saw a peanut…” and did the “Amazing tiger” stunt, in front of 200 scouts.


We visited Bristol’s marina and did rowing, paddling and sailing in the morning before visiting the SS Great Britain in the afternoon.


We did some more bases on site; happy and sad, reflections, mapping symbols and pacing, knots and repairs, cartography and menu planning. During the day we also did Archery and shot loads of bull’s eyes and a patrol hike. That evening we had Usef from Uganda come and give us a presentation as what shouting is like for him back home after which he joined in some wide games and taught us some new songs.


We crossed the border into Wales over the Severn Bridge and visited the Big Pit mine and learnt how to mine for coal. It was amazing that children as young as five where used to work the mines and also how they used electricity to signal when to pull Journeys along. We then went shopping to buy the food from our menus planning activity before visited the swimming pool in Pontypool to get rid of coal smudged faces.

Back at camp new temporary patrols were set up and we had a cooking competition – which Sparky, Emily, Lizzy and Matt won. Meanwhile the older scouts did a practice session for DofE which involved preparing for a lightweight camp and hike as well stealthily sneaking off camp.


The older scouts doing their DofE practice were dropped off at an unknown location and then asked to find their own way back to camp. Meanwhile the younger scouts did an evil assault course which involved going through long tyre tunnels, crawling through mud, going under water. After showers, we then started our ‘backwoods - Bear Grylls’ day where the bases consisted of; shelter building, axe and saw work, knife work and care. Back in our normal patrols we cooked trout, mackerel, baked potatoes, and kebabs. And for desert we had sponge pudding and custard. That evening Egham Hythe Scout Group visited and did a joint wide game, followed by a camp fire with both groups providing entertainment.


Everyone went rock climbing and caving in the Wye Valley. 2 sessions of each with the scouts swapping after lunch in the forest.  That evening a central meal was prepared whilst the scouts began taking down camp including dismantling their dining shelters, patrol kitchens and camp gadgets.


Consisted of striking camp, followed by final flag down and final thoughts.

The winning patrol was Josie, Sparky, Owen, Adam and Leon.

By Carl Reeder on August 6th, 2014