Spooky Fireworks 2015

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A really big thank you to all the volunteers who helped make the fireworks such a huge success.  Flooding the town with posters and manning shops to sell tickets – all of which had a big impact.

Work began in the park on October 24th with the arrival of our blue container and setting up of a stage.

On Tuesday a team of 5 people helped lay out boards and but up the electrical tent creating a compound and a tea station within it.

On a wet Wednesday we had a team of 8 volunteers. 6 of which went to Sudbury to pick up some Harris fencing and then later in the afternoon some scaffold poles.  

On Thursday there was a team of 10 people who started building the entrance gates using the scaffolding as well as fencing off the pond.

On Friday there were 19 people helping putting up lights and festoons, collecting generators from far flung parts of East Anglia, collecting caravans, pumpkins and all manner gazebos and crowd barriers. Friday also saw the fare ground attraction arrive and we carved 18 pumpkins, one of which was 38Kg in size. 6 people stayed overnight to guard the equipment.

On Saturday Alchemy set up the fireworks and we continued to decorate the park with eerie spooky feel. Attaching speakers and setting up lighting, putting up signs, arranging catering vehicles, moving boards to protect the soft ground in the park and setting up the arena safety areas. Over 35 volunteers continued throughout Saturday to set up the Park.

At 4.30 the park shut. 5.00 final touches where being applied. By 5.30 more volunteers had arrived to patrol key areas of the park and collect tickets and money at the gates. 6.00 gates opened and Scouts started scaring the public in their makeshift graves. At 7.00 various act started up on 3 different stages. At 7.30 the Samba started up and were joined the by 50 Zombies marching from the town centre. A witch and a coffin ran around the park scaring the public – giving them a right fright.

At 8 the light show started followed by and endless barrage of fireworks. After a slight pause to wait for the smoke to clear the fireworks then ended with a crescendo of stars, light and sound.

The carnival atmosphere continued until 10pm with rides and acts a plenty.

At 10 the park was cleared and the volunteers set about collecting all manner of valuables; generators, lights and gear, before stopping at midnight.  After a Donna Kebab volunteers guarded the equipment throughout the night.

At 7.30 on Sunday up for breakfast and by 9.30 most of the gates had been dismantled, by 10:30 most of the fencing had been collected, by 11:30 an army of Cubs, Beavers and parents had litter picked the park clean so you couldn’t even tell that the park had had a big Halloween party the night before. By 1pm most of the Fare had gone. By 3pm most of the container was being packed away again for next year. All day long shuttle runs where delivering equipment back to HQ where the equipment was being washed, hung out to dry and sorted into return deliveries. All told there must have been around 90 people plus helping on Sunday – which meant we packed up very efficiently.

That left Monday, 17 people returning fencing, lights, caravans, generators, scaffolding and flatbeds.

Tuesday saw  5 volunteers loading up plywood sheets used to protect the grass and delivering back to our storage in Levington. Carry out some repairs to the the park. Reviewing with and returning the keys of the park to the Council and finally returning the forklift and the remaining hired vehicles.

Our blue container returned to Felixstowe the following Saturday completing a two week occupation of Christchurch Park.

All that is left is to plan for next year’s light and sound extravaganza.

All in all an amazing effort driven by you, our parents and scouts, cubs and beavers to make our group so successful.

Thanks once again for all your help. Apologies if I have missed anything.

Just one reminder, you now know how much effot goes into something like this - it would be really nice to see some new Mums and Dads volunteering more time particularly in the run up to fireworks and during the fireowkrs week.  So if you can spare some time we would love to see you.


One very proud - Group Scout Leader.

Thank you.


By Carl Reeder on November 3rd, 2015