Night Activity - Hallowtree 2015

The Scout Activity Support (the SAS) team at the 11th Ipswich ran a successful night activity camp for the scouts.

More photos.

After dumping their kit, the scouts hiked in groups through a dark forest with torches to 4 organised bases including; a laser spider's web; cooking pancakes; crossing an acid river and flag identification.

Over the last few weeks 6 scouts have been building a laser spider's web. This required modifying laser pointers so that they could be set up to stay ‘on’ permanently and be pointed in particular directions to create a laser beam web.  The scouts then had to crawl through this web without breaking the beams. The same scout have also been trying to build a buzzer that goes off when the beam is broken which will go towards their electronics badge.

Other scouts over the past few weeks have also been learning about Frist Aid and a few of them have demonstrated their skills in front of the group. Fortunately we didn’t need their skills this weekend.

After the bases the scouts then played a wide game before having sausages and hot chocolate and then going to bed.

In the morning it was up at 7:30 and outside to cook on open fires. They had to learn how to scavenge for wood, saw up wood, light their own fire and then cook their breakfast on the open fire which consisted of; fried egg, bacon and beans.

After breakfast they then learnt how to tie a monkey fist and how to pull down dry dead wood in trees, before orienteering and doing a blind trail where they got soaked thanks to Emily, Patrick and Emma.

All in all a great camp. I huge thank you for the SAS who organised it.

Can’t wait for the next one.

By Carl Reeder on March 29th, 2015