Kibblestone 2015

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Saturday 25th July

Arrived at camp at 1pm, set up on a sunny day, cooked our own spaghetti bolognaise and then did 4 bases in the evening; patrol rotas, good and bad words, preparing for scouts own and learnt how to keep our tents dry.  We then played games and had hot chocolate and birthday cake.

Sunday 26th July

Started sunny whilst we cooked breakfast. After breakfast it started to rain and we learnt how to look after our kit in our tent and how to avoid getting mud everywhere.  We then did our Scouts own that we had prepared the night before, where we reflected on: friendship, being different to your friends, had a prayer about earth, wind & fire and then reflected on the effort that goes into a camp like ours.

Whilst two patrols did caving the other two did map symbols and whipping (a method to stop rope from fraying at the ends) and then they all swapped over. Lunch was Jamie Oliver wraps. We then swimming at Stafford Apex Leisure Centre.  We then cooked chicken goujons, mash, carrots and peas, followed by chopped fruit and cream.  After dinner we then played wide games in the rain.  At 10pm we had hot chocolate and played mafia, before going to bed.

Monday 27th July

We had sausages, tomatoes and beans for breakfast – washed up and did 4 groups of: design a camp gadget, trail marking and guiding, Morse code and keeping shoes dry.  After a break we made our camp gadgets; like washing up stands and water carrier stands. Lunch was ham and cheese pitta breads with soup.

After lunch half of us planned a menu for our own patrols to cook and went to the camp shop whilst the other half of the group did Cowtails (a form of high ropes).  We then swapped over. 

Later that afternoon we scavenged for wood, for a camp fire we intended to hold later on in the week.

We then started cooking our evening meal; homemade burgers, chips and rice pudding. After dinner it was then games, mafia and a secret patrol meeting to plan ‘Mission Impossible’.

Tuesday 28th July

Feeling somewhat soggy after two days of rain we then had a quick breakfast and went to RAF Cosford to look at flying machines and how they worked. We had lunch there and then made our way back to camp via the shop for some, who picked up the food for our menus that we had planned the previous day.

After lunch we had a session of climbing where half of us climbed whilst the other group played volley ball and then swapped over.

In the evening it was Patrol Master Chef where the patrols cooked their gourmet dinners. Some of us had sesame seed chicken whilst others had meat ball bolognaise.  The standard was amazing, with Jamie’s patrol just beating Adam’s patrol by one point.

Then after a wide game it was off to bed.

Wednesday 29th July

A quick breakfast and off to Chase Water lake to do Wake boarding, Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boarding, Mountain biking and inflatables. What a day! The pictures speak for themselves. Although the weather was variable we had a fantastic time, trying to stand up on paddle boards and being dragged through the water on a cable tow. As for the ‘Inflatable’ it was a high speed white knuckle ride hanging on for dear life whilst the speed boat raced around the lake at 30 knots.  It was awesome.

At 5 o’clock we dragged ourselves back to camp to cook our own breaded pork Schnitzles, with mash and veg follows by cake and custard.

After a quick wide game, watching bats using the bat box and looking at various stars it was time for bed.

Thursday 30th July

Had breakfast and did 3 bases, whilst the Patrol leaders were shopping for the secret ‘Mission Impossible’ camp.  The 3 bases included 15 minutes sessions on; how to make a sun dial, compass work and leaf identification.  At 11 am we then went across the road to do Jacobs ladder and have some Birthday cake. Whilst we were waiting for our turn on Jacob’s ladder we plotted our camp and worked out how to see how old a tree is (without chopping it down).

Lunch was Risotto, and the Patrol leaders started their mission to Sharratt’s Wood a 6 mile hike across the fields, up and down valleys.  At 6 o’clock they finally arrived and set up camp and the leaders said good bye.

Meanwhile back at Kibblestone the rest of the scouts were building ropeless bridges, having stretcher racers, working out how to lift a bucket of water at a distance, learning how to work out the height of a tree and doing a sizzle trail in trees. For dinner it was savoury pancakes with vegetables. We finished the day with a game of rounders.

Friday 31st July

A fish finger sandwich for all scouts and packing up for a trip to the Black County Living Museum. Because the Patrol Leaders had overslept they didn’t have time to come back to Kibblestone and pick up their swim stuff so had to miss swimming on the way home.  At the Black Country Living Museum we saw loads of old things like steel hoops children played with, how to make nails, an old mine and what it was really like to go to School in 1912.  We saw old busses, and canal boats and went shopping in old fashioned shops.

Mike then made an amazing Chilli and then we started to dismantle our dining shelters and camp gadgets and take the fly sheets off our tents.  At 9.15 we had a camp fire and invited the 3rd Molesy (From Hampton Court) to join our campfire where we entertained them with our songs and stunts.

At 10.15 we then said good night and went to bed.

Saturday 1st August

We packed up the remainder of our stuff had a quick breakfast and left at 10.30 for home.

An anonymous Scout.



The funniest moments were when one of the scouts said to an instructor, “What’s your name, because I can’t keeping calling you dude.” 

Or when all the scout leaders were pulled into the old fashioned hat shop at the Black Country Living Museum and the shop owner told us about two scouts who had just bought two cloth caps just like Mike’s and were now going round impersonating him.

Proudest moments were when one of the scouts said they definitely didn’t want to do the high ropes and I insisted they put the equipment on and do at least the first element at ground level and at that point, if they still didn’t want to continue they could stop.   That scout then went all the way round the High Ropes course.

Also at the Black County Living Museum a member of the public said that the girl scouts in the sweet shop were all very courteous and polite and were a credit to the group.

Similarly the Scouts were congratulated on their behaviour going into the mine by the tour guide, being very helpful in crouching down so people at the back could see.

It was an amazing camp and an all-round rewarding experiencing working with such a great group of young people.

Carl Reeder

Group Scout Leader.

By Carl Reeder on August 5th, 2015