Group Camp 2014

What a weekend! Beautiful weather, lots of fun and plenty of activities.

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"...we just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your hard work with Beaver camp. My son thoroughly enjoyed it and was full of it when he got home" - Beaver Parent

The 11th Ipswich held there Group Camp at Hallowtree based on a World theme.  The scouts and cubs arrived on Friday night to a barrage of activities: wide games, setting up their area in their tent and constellation spotting before having supper and going to bed. 

Saturday morning the cubs woke up early (too early :-() for a cooked breakfast. Meanwhile the Friday cubs due to move up to Scouts then spent time with the Scouts cooking their own breakfast in their patrol kitchens.

At 9:30 the Beavers arrived and we did flag break in 4 evenly split teams; Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Each team visited 4 zones which included a volley of man sized activities. There was Shooting, Crossbows, Parachute games, Bouncy castles, Crate Stacking, Abseiling, Climbing, Cooking, Chariot racing and Human Football.  We did 2 zones in the morning and 2 zones in the afternoon.

At 4 o’clock parents arrived to get flavour of what scouting was all about, they saw their children having fun playing volley ball, connect 4, pick up sticks, Giant Jenga, Spiders web and Acid River.

After flag down the Beavers set up their beds, whilst the cubs and scouts played a wide game before making our way to the camp fire.  Oh and along the way we got out a bat box that lowered the frequency that bats make so we could hear them echo-locate and see them swoop and catch insects.

At the Campfire we sang loads of songs, did some penguin races, saw the world’s ugliest man and went on a bear hunt.

Exhausted from the day’s activities, it was time for supper and a good night’s sleep.

Sunday morning was peaceful (no cubs up early, no scouts up early :-)).  This day, those cubs in Monday cubs who are due to move up soon joined the scouts for breakfast.

At 9.45 we did Flag Break and scouts own where each section said a few words, some thanked the leaders, some cut out a cross highlighting the difference between giving and greed and others simply said how wonderful the camp had been.  The Beavers then did a ‘Swim up’ where the cubs pulled up the new Beavers into cubs and the new Beavers said, “Watch out cubs here we come!”

After Flag we said good bye to the Beavers and the Cubs and Scouts had another relentless volley of activities of picture trail, compass reading (known as orienteering), blind trail – the young leaders were so mean and sledging.

We then had a cooked Lunch and it was time to pack up get ready to go home and sleeeeeep, ZZZzzz!

What a weekend!

All the activities we did on this camp develop the beavers, cubs and scouts such that they become well rounded individuals teaching them; how to overcome their fears, work as team members, get on with other people and be potential leaders themselves one day.  Getting involved lets you see your own children grow and develop socially from a distance achieving their full potential.

It becomes even more rewarding, when your enthusiasm as a leaders or helper rubs off on individuals and they become the best they can be learning incredible skills.  If you can spare the time, and you value the rewards for your children get out of scouting, then please ask a Leader about getting involved and support us. There is a lot of work to do to keep the group of this size going and more hands, make light work and create bigger opportunities for us.

By Carl Reeder on September 17th, 2014