General Information

Our group is one of 14 Scout Groups in the Ipswich Wolsey District and one of around 30 groups in the Ipswich area.  It has a scout membership of approximately 110 young people catering for both boys and girls.  The group has one beaver colony, 2 cub packs and one scout troop, catering for youngsters from 6 to 14 years.  The group has a partnership agreement with Castle Hill Explorer Scout Unit to meet at our HQ to provide scouting for young people form 14 to 18 years.

The group has 17+ voluntary scout leaders to manage the different sections.  Leaders are assisted by a number of regular and occasional section assistants and helpers, including parents.  All adults involved in scouting have a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check made before they are allowed to work with young people.

The group is an open group, which means that it is not sponsored by any authority, such as a church, and is managed by a committee made up of parents, leaders and people with special skills.  All finances required to run the scout group are raised through voluntary efforts of the committee and its supporters.  The group owns and maintains it headquarters, vehicles and equipment.

The group seeks to achieve all of this by fostering a close partnership between leaders and parents.  There are many different ways in which parents can contribute to the success of out group and we would very much like to encourage your involvement.  If you would like to know more about how you could help us please contact your section leader.


New members need not purchase their uniform until they are enrolled into the movement.  Further guidance on the uniform required for each section is provided on the uniform page.

Religious Policy

Our group welcomes young people of all religious denominations.  Our group attends the annual District St Georges Day Parade and service in April.  All sections of our group are encouraged to attend this service.  This is the only formal services attended by the Scout Group.

Data Protection Act

The group may store details of Scouts, e.g. names, addresses, telephone number, and NHS number on computer databases.  These details can be viewed at any reasonable time and will not be passed onto third parties.


The group does not provide insurance cover for young persons clothing or equipment.  You should ensure that you own insurance policies provide this cover.  This is especially important when on outside activities or on camp.

Safety of our young people

The Scout Association operates a Child Protection Policy to help protect all young people from harm, details of which are enclosed in this pack.

The activities of the group are carried out strictly within the rules set out by the Scout Association.  Please ensure that all young persons are collected from inside our headquarters building by a parent or another adult after meetings.  You are very welcome to wait inside the building.